International Detailing Association

IDA Certified Detailer Program

Thank you for your interest in becoming an IDA Certified Detailer. If you just completed your Certification Enrollment form, please note, it can take up to 8 business hours for your access to be activated.

First: Log-in to the online certification website. Your log-in is emailed to you upon activation of your account and can take up to 8 business hours.

Second: Select a exam and enter the exam specific password you received after enrolling.

We ask that you please complete the exam with no outside assistance, other than reference materials. Your results will be displayed at the bottom of the exam once completed. A passing grade is 80%. If you score lower than 80% the first time you attempt the exam you can take it a second time using the “2nd Attempt” version of the quiz.

These are copyrighted materials and may not be reproduced other than by the person making application for the IDA Certification Program and only for the purpose of that individual obtaining the CD designation as prescribed in the application materials. The exam materials may not be reproduced for training purposes or multiple certifications without written permission of the International Detailing Association.

Thank you again for participating in the IDA Certified Detailer program. Please contact the IDA Office with any questions.

Exam Links:

Equipment | Chemicals | Windows, Trim & Metal | Floors & Carpets | Seats |
Paint Correction & ProtectionWheels &Tires | Prep Wash-Wash Bay | Detailing Terminology |
Safety & Compliance

2nd Attempt Exam Links:
2nd Attempt Equipment | 2nd Attempt Chemicals | 2nd Attempt Windows, Trim & Metal |
2nd Attempt Floors & Carpets | 2nd Attempt Seats | 2nd Attempt Paint Correction & Protection |
2nd Attempt Wheels &Tires | 2nd Attempt Prep Wash-Wash Bay | 2nd Attempt Detailing Terminology |
2nd Attempt Safety & Compliance

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